About The Moveable Feast

Hello! Welcome to The Moveable Feast Podcast. We are Jenna Golden, Tammy Gordon, and Tony Fratto. The three of us have been friends for a decade. We love food, wine, and travel. But no matter where we are, we’re always trying to find great places to eat. We love to share our discoveries with friends to ensure they have a great place to go for a special occasion, or to enjoy a local neighborhood spot. The worst is when you show up in a new place for one night and only have one shot at a good meal and you blow it. We are here to make sure that doesn't happen.

Now that you know what this podcast is: just some good advice for good eating, from three friends you can trust. Let us also tell you what it isn't: we’re not food critics, and we’re not chefs. We're not here to rip restaurants and tear them down. We're not here to make you feel bad for eating what you like to eat, or for any of your food preferences for that matter.

We're here to tell you what we like, and hope that it helps you to have a great food experience. We hope you'll join us for The Moveable Feast Podcast.

Our Hosts

Jenna Golden

Jenna adores food and wine. Most of her big decisions in life revolve around where she is eating her next meal. She loves to travel (especially to Paris), and is always the person to provide restaurant recommendations to friends. In 2022, Jenna passed her WSET Level 3 Award in Wines with Merit as well as her WSET Level 2 Award in Wines with Distinction. She is based in Washington, DC and you can generally find her enjoying a glass of Cru Beaujolais (likely a Fleurie) paired with a delicious cheese and charcuterie plate. You can follow Jenna on Twitter and Instagram for food, wine, and travel adventures.

Tammy Gordon

Tammy w Bar Dog at Martin in Paris

Tammy loves talking about food, wine, and travel. A Moveable Feast is her first time hosting a podcast, but she's a long-time recommender of restaurants via her social media channels and blog. She serves as partnerships and public relations advisor for Black Wine Professionals, an organization dedicated to lifting up multifaceted Black professionals in the world of wine. Tammy recently received her WSET Level 2 Award in Wines and is plotting to open a neighborhood wine bar one day. Washington, DC has been home for the past twenty years, but she increasingly spends a good bit of winter each year in her hometown of Tampa, FL. The next place she's traveling is Seattle, followed by the Beaujolais and Bandol regions in France. Send her recommendations on where to eat and what to see via Twitter, TikTok or Instagram

Tony Fratto

Tony’s career has allowed him to visit 60 countries around the world, and he has something to say about the food he loves to eat in each of them. Being half Italian (and half Sicilian!), expect to see a special fondness for all the cuisines of the Mediterranean, and from his growing list of hometowns: Pittsburgh, Washington, DC, and now New York City. He can’t wait to share his best recommendations for street food, markets, great neighborhood restaurants, and…ok, even some fine dining! You can follow Tony on Twitter, but you’ll find his delicious food posts on Instagram